Developing strong supplier relationships

What industry services do we need?

We work with industry for a number of goods and services for construction, repair and maintenance of capital infrastructure such as dams, weirs, conventional water treatment plants, as well as the management of climate resilient sources of water through the Gold Coast Desalination Plant and the Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme. 
Contractors, consultants and suppliers of goods and services that operate in these industries are encouraged to tender for the supply of goods and services.

Our team

Our team includes professional asset program delivery, operations, finance and procurement and contracts experts and we are committed to developing strong supplier relationships for business longevity.

Procurement and contracts

Seqwater offers work through tenders and various arrangements for medium to high risk/value procurements, and request for quotes or through preferred or standing offer arrangements for low risk/low value purchases.  
Invitations to offer are called for major projects which are listed on the Governments eTender website
Procurement Services  manages the procurement of goods and services seen as critical to the business as these are often complex in nature.  A detailed understanding of what is required, what the market characteristics are and how the contract will be managed are essential criteria to facilitate obtaining value for money along with establishing strong effective supplier relationships.
We recognise that to develop strong supplier relationships simplification of processes when responding to requests for offers is an important factor that contributes to minimising costs associated with developing offer responses.

Conditions of doing business with Seqwater

Seqwater values the health and safety off all employees, contractors and sub-contractors, and as a minimum Seqwater expects the same work health and safety standards to apply to all.
Contractors working at Seqwater sites must also ensure that they meet the necessary site access requirements, depending on the type of work to be undertaken. It may be necessary for additional induction and training in the Site Access and Work Control System (SAWCS), Permit to Work and other specific risk processes used on Seqwater sites.  
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Developing strong supplier relationships