The dam wall was raised in 1969 and spillway upgraded in 1998. Poona Dam’s primary role is the short term storage of water before it is treated and distributed as potable drinking throughout the region.

It is an un-gated dam, meaning that when it reaches 100 per cent capacity, water flows over the spillway and safely out of the dam. If you would like to be notified when Poona Dam begins to spill, please sign up to our free dam release notification service.

No recreation is permitted at Poona Dam.


Key facts

Name: Poona Dam
Watercourse: Tributary of South Maroochy River
Catchment area: 0.8km 2
Year completed: 1959
Type of construction: Homogenous earthfill embankment with toe drain
Fully supply capacity: 655ML
Current capacity: 552 (84.3% full) at 28-08-2017 6:17am